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Givi CRM104 leg bag

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Brand new from Givi is the Corium range of soft luggage, designed with classic and custom bikes in mind. Apart from the elegant styling, the beauty of the Corium range is that it is designed to be hardware free. A cleverly designed strap system allows you to fit a single, or pair of panniers, adjusted for height and position, without the need for any steel framework. The roll-top, waterproof panniers are available in two different sizes, with a range of other bags designed to complement the entire look. Now you don’t have to compromise on style to get high quality, practical soft luggage.

- 3 ltr. 
- Adjustable/removable waist straps
- Can hook bag directly to a belt or trouser loop
- Elasticised and adjustable leg straps
- Rain cover
- 2 separate pockets with  zips