HJC RPHA 01R - Solid Colours

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HJC Helmets are used to leading from the front in racing and in the motorcycle helmet industry, as a result of this culture HJC have developed a pure racing helmet- the RPHA01R. 

The RPHA 01R has successfully passed all tests of the FIM Helmet Standard FRHPhe-01, as well as the ECE 22.05 road standard. This makes the RPHA01R suitable for all types of competivie Motorcycle sport all the way up to the pinnacle of MotoGP. 

Based on the RPHA11 the RPHA01R has the following differences.  

  • Aerodynamics have been tuned for stablity at speeds over 300kmph. The large rear spoiler and redesigned front vents as well as a tighter fitting liner all contribute. 
  • There are 6 exhaust vents on the rear of the helmet, up for the 4 on the RPHA11 and 6 switchable vents on the front. 
  • The Visor on the RPHA01R is taller than the 11 and the quick release system has an additional plastic retaining bolt to prevent the visor coming off in an accident. 

The RPHA01R comes with a clear and dark visor, Pinlock lens and a tool for the visor system.There are also spare liners, a Tear off film 10 pack, front vent covers and the special double sided tape for the spoiler and vent covers as all these helmets are white and most professional racers will get them painted.