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Nolan N100-5 PLUS N-Com Flip Face Helmet - Red

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The most exclusive version of Nolan’s top-of-the-range flip up helmet, the N100-5 PLUS is enhanced by the Clima Comfort inner padding with its innovative net construction and unique adjustment system for the position of the liner (LPC - Liner Positioning Control). The new technical content is accompanied by a sporty and elegant look and a complete style overhaul of the inner comfort padding. Its elegant design and many technical features make it perfect for even the most demanding of riders.


  • Compact size thanks to the availability of two outer shell sizes
  • Double P/J homologation, can be used either with the chin guard open or closed
  • Ultrawide visor
  • Pinlock fog-resistant visor
  • VPS sun screen - adjustable in various positions and fitted with the automatic retraction system
  • AirBooster Technology upper ventilation system,
  • Rotation of the chin-guard with elliptical motion, exclusive double-action chin-guard opening mechanism
  • Microlock2 double-lever retention system with micrometric adjustment,
  • Innovative Clima Comfort inner comfort padding with micro-perforated fabrics, and new cheekpad shape to further protect against draughts
  • Liner with innovative net construction to further aid in movement of air around the upper part of the rider's head
  • LPC (Liner Positioning Control) allows adjustment of liners to suit various head shapes
  • Ready for the N-Com communication system