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PMJ Jeans New Rider Man

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High quality jeans that are so comfortable you'll forget how incredibly tough they are. 100% made in Italy. The new single layer technology means no bulky lining and combines denim with Twaron®, giving an impressive strong abrasion resistance of 2.1 seconds.

Perfect for everyday wear, these jeans feel like standard denim, but are CE approved and come equipped with removable knee and hip protection. The knee protectors are also adjustable to suit individual leg lengths. Available in men’s and woman’s cuts, in a large range of sizes, these jeans are perfect for your regular commute and comfy enough to wear all day.

  • T-TEX® : TWARON® Single Layer Technology
  • Knees - approved protectors EN1621-1, adjustable and removable from outside
  • Hips - approved protectors EN1621-1, removable
  • CE approved P.P.E. under EN17092-4 (A)
  • Slim fit, no external stitching
  • Color available: Indigo