EXO-HX1 OHNO Matt Black- Gold

Scorpion EXO-HX1 - Graphics

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"Ships with clear visor"


The real HX1 full face comes here at last. Scorpion’s “neo-retro” philosophy presents various innovative functions and brings sleek and stylish shell design while keeping classic streetfighter look.
The patented, slim and small magnetic mechanism used for face shield movement offers smooth shield opening, and helps to realize slender shell line.
The helmet can be changed to an off-road style helmet with peak visor installed and the face shield removed.
It can be changed its look as classic street fighter full face also with peak visor removed and side covers installed.
The eyeport is large enough to accept most goggles. In addition, the interchangeable mouth vent bundled in the package provides different look.
This full face helmet can be made as another transformer thanks to Scorpion’s innovative spirit.

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